Caring environment for your child in Mount Gambier

    You can be confident that by enrolling your child at The Mount Gambier Child Care Centre Incorporated, your child will thrive! We have over 40 years’ experience providing high-quality child care to families across Mount Gambier and the surrounding districts.

    Applying for a place
    at our centre

    The first step in our enrolment process is to complete a waiting list form and to select the days and times that you require. Our director will then contact you when we have a vacancy.

    Once you have completed the form, you will be invited to meet with our director and take a tour of our childcare centre. During the meeting, we will talk to you in depth about how the centre operates, and give all the day-to-day information you need. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs and to meet the staff who will be looking after your child.

    So that your child can become familiar with the centre and our team, we will schedule a series of visits where you can come into the centre for half an hour to spend time with your child.

    Helping your child settle in at the centre

    Before your child starts with us, we encourage you to bring them into our centre in Mount Gambier a couple of times to visit.

    During this time, you can discuss with the staff and director all the important information about your child you feel will help us when looking after them. We often find that very young children may need to gradually build up the amount of time they spend at the centre. This can be done by attending for just a couple of hours at first, and then slowly increasing their time with us until you, your child, and staff feel confident and secure.

    Older children may require fewer visits and may feel confident about attending the centre full-time, right from the start. All staff are trained in assisting children who experience separation anxiety and we will work closely with you to help these children settle into their new environment.

    Building relationships with you and your child

    Starting child care can be an emotional experience for both you and your child. To help your child feel secure, we will find out as much as we can about your child before they start, to understand their interests and personality. This will assist us in developing a trusting relationship with both you and your child, which will help manage the separation anxiety you or your child may be feeling. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in caring for children who are experiencing separation anxiety, and we are always available to talk to you about any worries you may have. We’ll also communicate with you regularly about how your child is progressing. 

    Please remember that you are more than welcome to phone or visit our centre throughout the day to check on how your child is settling in.

    For high-quality, child-centric care in Mount Gambier, call us today on 08 8725 1133!

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