Progressive and inclusive child care centre in Mount Gambier

    Every child is unique and needs a personalised approach in order to flourish!

    Opening hours

    Our child care centre in Mount Gambier is open between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday. We are closed for public holidays and two weeks over Christmas and New Year, however, when the centre is closed we do not charge you fees. 

    We offer the following sessions:

    - Full day sessions from 7:00am - 6:00pm
    - Half day sessions from 7:00am - 12:30pm
      and 12:30pm - 6:00pm

    We have four rooms that cater for a range of different age groups and abilities. The ages in each room are flexible depending on the needs of individual children.

    Low adult-to-child ratios

    To give your child the care and attention they need, our ratios (adult: child) are below state licencing recommendations for children aged under four years. We work to the following ratios:

    - Nest: babies (1:4 ratio)
    - Garden: toddlers (1:5 ratio) - Cottage: pre-kindergarten (1:8 ratio)
    - Village: kindy (1:10 ratio)

    Circle of Security

    Staff incorporate Primary Care Giving Practices modelled on ‘Circle of Security’ and attachment theories from respected researchers and theorists to ensure your child feels happy, safe and secure. Our staff develop a strong mutual relationship with you and your child ensuring that everything we do is in the best interests of your child. You can be confident that your child will always have a trusted and important person around who is aware of their needs and is available at all times.

    Models for learning

    The centre follows the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) of Belonging, Being and Becoming (BBB) in their daily practices and principles.

    Educators who care

    Our team is made up of passionate and driven individuals who will work hand in hand with you to develop suitable goals for your child. All staff undergo regular training programmes, mentoring, and professional development courses, so they develop the highest possible standard of skills and knowledge.

    Primary Care
    Giving practices

    The relationship between a child and their family is of paramount importance when determining their enthusiasm towards learning. This is why we work closely with all family members to foster a strong community spirit. Ultimately, we want our centre to feel like a home away from home.

    At the Mount Gambier Child Care Centre, we have adopted a practice commonly known as ‘Primary Care Giving’. This practice is based on a specific staff member developing a close bond and positive relationship with an individual child that is allocated specifically to them. 

    The staff member also develops a strong relationship with the parents of that child to form a triangle of commitment focused on ensuring that everything we do is in the best interests of the child. This practice helps your child develop into a happy, emotionally healthy child who settles quickly and has a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging.

    The staff at our child care centre are trained in the importance of attachment. This involves being emotionally available for each child and providing reassurance if a child feels anxious. As such, you can be confident that your child will have a trusted and important person available who understands their individual needs.

    Reggio Emilia-influenced curriculum

    Our child care is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching. Our experienced staff emphasise and support the natural development of your child as well as the close relationships that they share with their environment.

    The foundation of the Reggio Emilia approach lies in its unique view of the child - the ‘image of the child’. This centres on the belief that children have rights and should be given opportunities to develop their potential. ‘Influenced by this belief, the child is beheld as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential and ambitious desires.’

    The child is also viewed as being an active constructor of knowledge, rather than being seen as the target of instruction. Children are seen as having the active role of both an apprentice and researcher. Much of the instruction at our Reggio Emilia-influenced centre takes place in the form of projects where our children have opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesise, question, and discuss, to clarify their understanding about a certain topic. Children at our centre are also viewed as social beings, and a focus is made on the child acting in relation to other children, the family, the teachers, and the community, rather than on each child learning in isolation.

    The Third

    We refer to the environment surrounding your child as the ‘Third Educator’, as it plays a major role in their development. Interesting environments stimulate children’s minds and capture their imaginations, engaging them in learning, creativity and socialising. That’s why our centre incorporates natural colours and natural lighting and makes use of natural and man-made resources wherever possible. Within the centre, our carefully considered rooms are organised to develop your child’s sense of independence.

    Daily communication about your child

    We understand that leaving your child can be worrying. That’s why we will call you regularly about your child’s care and transition during their first three weeks.

    Our educators will also complete a learning journal for your child, outlining their individual achievements as well as their participation in group projects. We’ll also encourage you to add comments to this journal that will be included in your child’s program.


    It is our policy to provide interesting meals and snacks that use a variety of ingredients and are nutritious. We aim to introduce children to new foods, including foods from a wide range of cultures, alongside foods that are familiar to all children. However, if your child has specific dietary needs, we will ensure their needs are catered for.

    We are a nut-free child care centre, and children with allergies to foods will be provided with individual meals. 


    Because we encourage our children to be active and creative, we recommend that your child wears comfortable play clothes to the centre, suited to the weather, that won’t matter if they become dirty. Although children are encouraged to wear aprons during some activities, they may still get messy. 

    Protecting your child from the sun is important to us. During summer, we supply sun cream (Factor 30 and over), and we can supply a sun hat for $10. Please ensure you child’s clothing provides suitable coverage from the sun. This means no singlet sleeves or tank top-style clothes, as shoulders need to be covered. For safety reasons, we request all children wear sensible shoes (no thongs, rubber boots, slippers or crocs).

    Parent participation

    We support parents who wish to be involved at the centre to take part in a range of activities. You may be able to help in your child’s room (playing an instrument, showing a special skill, providing ideas or resources) or on excursions.

    Parents’ participation in working bees and fundraising activities is essential for the centre to keep its fees as low as possible. These events are great fun, and a good way to meet other parents who use the centre. If you would prefer to make a donation in lieu of helping at these events, you are more than welcome.

    To arrange a visit to our progressive child care centre today, call our friendly team on 08 8725 1133!

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